Specialized Turbo Levo Dam (M)

Specialized Turbo Levo Dam (M)

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Specialized Turbo Levo Dam (M)



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If speed is at the top of your wish list there's no better tool than the Women's Turbo Levo Hardtail 29. It takes the fast fun and efficient characteristics of our 29er hardtails and adds our exclusive pedal- assist technology to crank up those numbers on the radar gun.

First and foremost it has all of the speed and nimble handling that our hardtail trail bikes are known for—an easy fit ultra-short chainstays for nimble handling and a low bottom bracket that makes the bike feel glued to the trail. In other words it rides like an awesome mountain bike first and foremost—what would be the point otherwise? Then comes our efficient and powerful Specialized e-Bike technology along with an integrated battery and motor. This year however you'll also see some updated software that increases the motor's efficiency plus an M5 Premium aluminium frame.

The exclusive Rx trail-tuned motor smoothly and quietly brings added power to the pedals to make climbing the steepest of trails nearly effortless. The output meanwhile is fully adjustable in order to conserve energy. Lastly our new custom Specialized 1.2E motor features instant pedal engagement so you get immediate power the moment you need it and consistent torque throughout the entyre cadence range This makes for the most efficient use of power on the trail and more importantly it creates the feel of a capable trail bike.

At the battery you'll find that it's fully integrated with the down tube and easily removable for quick charging or swaps. It has a lengthy lifespan for hitting long out of the way trails and along with the motor is strategically placed for optimal weight distribution. The Mission Control app meanwhile gives you full control of the bike's tech while an integrated Trail Display shows all of the ride metrics you need. Plus a power metre that shows exactly how much power you're putting out vs. the motor.

This version has a durable build kit with a size-specific SR Suntour XCM32 fork Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and a one-by Shimano groupset to handle shift and drivetrain duties. There's also an explicit focus placed on making this bike purpose-built for female riders so you'll find that every touchpoint of the bike has been specifically designed for women.

  • The M5 Premium aluminium frame was designed in unison with our unique Trail Geometry and classic hardtail design to create the same kind of super-speedy, nimble 29er that we all know and love. This frame sees full integration of the battery and motor, giving the bike an all-round streamlined look that also perfectly distributes weight to keep the bike well-balanced. Internal cable routing makes the bike look even cleaner, and an alloy dropper post just adds the cherry on top of this stunning frameset.
  • The 1.2E motor is designed with only one thing on its mind – trail-blazing. It intuitively reacts to each one of your pedal strokes, providing a measured power output based on your own power. Driven by a belt, this motor is also extremely smooth, silent and vibration free.
  • Our juiced-up M1-400 battery houses 400Wh of pure power, enough for those longer days hitting the trails. The integrated Trail Display and ANT+/Bluetooth® module can connect to our Mission Control App, for even finer tuning on the fly.
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